flash collocations and examples

 UK /flæʃ/

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a bright light that appears for short time

Adjectives frequently used with flash
blinding, brief, bright, brilliant, intense, momentary, quick, sudden, vividA vivid orange flash followed immediately by another appeared over the park.
Nouns frequently used after flash of
fire, flame, light, lightning, sunlightThere was a flash of bright light and thunder rumbled in the distance.

a sudden understanding, idea, or emotion

Adjectives frequently used with flash
brief, momentary, occasional, odd, quick, suddenThe writing shows occasional flashes of his trademark ironic humor.
Nouns frequently used after flash of
of understanding: insight, intuition, recognitionBy some flash of intuition I knew what it was he intended.of anger: anger, temperFor a moment his face showed a flash of anger, but this soon melted away into a broad smile.of cleverness: brilliance, genius, humour, inspiration, witPrevious albums have all shown flashes of brilliance but have been uneven.There were flashes of humour and outbursts of anger.
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