flaw collocations and examples

 UK /flɔː/

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a mistake or fault in something

Adjectives frequently used with flaw
serious: basic, big, critical, fatal, fundamental, inherent, major, serious, significantUncertainty of outcome is often a fatal flaw in a research proposal.small: minor, slightThere’s still some minor flaws but overall this is a great picture.types of flaw: logical, methodological, structural, technicalMost of the existing trials have serious methodological flaws.obvious: glaring, obviousAre there glaring architectural flaws that I’ve just missed?that destroys someone: tragicHe is a great man brought down by a tragic flaw.
Nouns frequently used before flaw
in a system: design, security, softwareUnfortunately, this study had serious design flaws.in a person’s character: character, personalityTraits that some might call personality flaws can also be seen as a source of strength.
Verbs frequently used with flaw
find a flaw: discover, find, identify, spot informal, uncoverAlways quick to spot any flaws or problems, he is equally ready to provide solutions.reveal a flaw: demonstrate, expose, highlight, point out, point to, revealCritics have pointed to flaws in the technology used in the cards.fix a flaw: address, correct, fix informalWhy can’t programmers just fix the flaws these viruses exploit?
Nouns frequently used after flaw in
idea/argument: argument, logic, reasoning, theoryThere are a number of flaws in your argument that are based on this same misconception.method/system: approach, design, methodology, plan, process, systemTheir review has identified serious flaws in the methodology of the animal tests.
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