flout collocations and examples

 UK /flaʊt/

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to deliberately refuse to obey a rule or custom

Adverbs frequently used with flout
openly or deliberately: blatantly, clearly, deliberately, flagrantly, openlyMany overseas companies are openly flouting the law and attempting to fix the prices at which their products are sold in Britain.continually or regularly: consistently, constantly, continually, frequently, persistently, regularly, repeatedly, routinely, systematicallyLaws on the size of fish catches are routinely flouted.by many people: widelySpeed limits are widely flouted by drivers.
Nouns frequently used as the object of flout
law or rule: ban, guidelines, law, principle, regulations, ruleWe intend to clamp down on those who flout the law.normal behaviour: convention, expectations, norms, stereotypeMary is a girl in a man’s sport, flouting convention to achieve her ambitions.authority: authorityThey can imprison anyone who flouts their authority.
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