flow collocations and examples

 UK /fləʊ/

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a continuous movement of liquid, traffic, or people; a supply of something that continues without stopping

Adjectives frequently used with flow
constant: constant, continuous, steady, uninterruptedThe brain is dependent on a continuous flow of blood.in one/both directions: one-way, two-wayWe need a two-way flow of information and ideas.not blocked: free, smoothThe air cleaner ensures a smooth flow of air in the carburettors.
Nouns frequently used before flow
of a substance or object: aid, air, blood, cash, energy, gas, heat, lava, river, traffic, waterBlood flow to the finger is faster than it is to other areas of the body.of ideas or an activity: data, information, workUsing the most appropriate work flow processes and communication technology will speed up the project.
Verbs frequently used with flow
stop, reduce, or block the flow: block, disrupt, impede, interrupt, obstruct, reduce, restrict, staunch, stem, stopA dam is built across a river to restrict the flow of water.keep, improve, or increase the flow: ease, facilitate, improve, increase, maintain, stimulateThe arrangement will facilitate a free flow of information to all parties.control the flow: control, manage, regulateChakras regulate the flow of energy around our energy system.
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