flower collocations and examples

 UK /ˈflaʊə(r)/

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the attractive coloured part of a plant, or a plant that has these

Adjectives frequently used with flower
wild/not wild: garden, wildThe park is full of wild flowers and home to over 60 species of birds.with a beautiful appearance or smell: beautiful, bright, colourful, delicate, fragrant, lovelyIt flowers over a long period from late summer into autumn and its flowers are fragrant.used for decoration: cut, freshLog fires burn throughout the winter and fresh flowers add colour and warmth.
Verbs frequently used with flower
produce flowers: bear, carry, have, produceIn summer the plant has small white flowers that are followed by bright red berries.grow flowers: cultivate, grow, plantWe endeavour to grow flowers that attract butterflies.make flowers fertile: pollinateHummingbirds have an important role in pollinating flowers.
Verbs that frequently follow flower
appear, bloom, come, fade, grow, openUnder his skilled care, vegetables thrived and flowers grew in profusion.
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