focus collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfəʊkəs/

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to give attention, effort etc to a particular subject

Adverbs frequently used with focus
mainly: especially, largely, mainly, mostly, particularly, predominantly, primarily, principallyThis project will focus primarily on scientific and technical data.a lot: firmly, heavily, stronglyMost dance instructors focus heavily on the teaching of moves.only: entirely, exclusively, purely, solely, specifically, totallyIt is not enough to focus solely on performance – price is also important.on one or a few things: clearly, closely, narrowly, sharply, tightlyMany researchers are dissatisfied with narrowly focussed research.more and more: increasinglyCultural activity in the 21st century is increasingly focussing on a particular way: clinically, commercially, vocationallyThis is a commercially focussed company, but it’s not just about making money.

Usage note

Focus is always passive in these combinations: The courses for nurses are clinically focussed. | a commercially focussed business

Nouns frequently used as the object of focus
attention, efforts, mind, thoughtsIt is important that we focus our efforts on change-management issues.
Nouns frequently used as the subject of focus
article, book, conference, debate, module, paper, project, research, seminar, session, study, workThe conference focusses on public-sector reform in the UK.
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