fog collocations and examples

 UK /fɒɡ/

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thick cloud close to the ground

Adjectives frequently used with fog
thick: dense, heavy, impenetrable, thickThe fog was so thick you couldn’t see anything.moving around: swirlingThe mist around the town had thickened into a dense swirling fog that drifted across the surrounding countryside.cold: cold, freezingThe airport was closed because of freezing some places but not others: patchyIt will be a bright day with plenty of sunshine for most places and some patchy fog.near the coast: coastal, seaThe top of the cliffs is shrouded in coastal fog.continuing: persistentPersistent fog can be a maritime hazard from May to September.
Verbs that frequently follow fog
appear: close in, come in, descend, roll inA thick fog descended.disappear: clear, liftBy now most of the fog had lifted and the sun was getting a bit warmer.cover something: cloak, cover, envelop, shroud, surroundA thick white fog cloaks the rooftops.get thicker/less thick: thicken, thinThe fog thickened and visibility was reduced to fifty metres or present: hang, lingerThe fog hung in the air like cotton wool.
Nouns + of frequently used before fog
bank, blanket, layer, patch, veilThe rain has stopped and a thick blanket of fog has settled over the river.
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