following collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfɒləʊɪŋ/

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people who support or admire a person or organization

Adjectives frequently used with following
large: big, considerable, large, sizeable, strong, substantialThe band soon had a strong following of loyal fans wherever they went.very large: enormous, huge, massive, tremendousManchester United is a big club with a huge following.loyal: dedicated, devoted, faithful, loyalThe market was established in the 1930s and still attracts a loyal following of shoppers.enthusiastic: enthusiastic, fanaticalThere are examples where a TV series or a film has created its own fanatical many countries: international, worldwideThe magazine has a worldwide following and is well respected in and outside the art world.within a small group of people: cultReviled by critics, Highlander inspired a cult following.
Verbs frequently used with following
have a following: command, haveHe commanded a huge following both in his own lifetime and down to the present day.get a following: achieve, acquire, amass, attract, build up, find, gain, get, inspireThe system has achieved a worldwide following through reputation, excellence of product and amazing results.
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