footing collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfʊtɪŋ/

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a firm position for your feet on a surface [always singular]

Adjectives frequently used with footing
firm, secure, solid, sound, stableThe surface is a combination of sand and plastic granules, to provide both a soft landing and a secure footing for the horses.
Verbs frequently used with footing
lose your footing: lose, missShe lost her footing and fell, injuring her arm.get or keep your footing: find, get, keep, regainIt snowed until just before the race and the athletes were unable to keep their footing even when wearing spikes.

the basic conditions in which something operates; the position of one person or group in relation to another

Adjectives frequently used with footing
strong: firm, secure, solid, sound, stable, strong, sureHe intends to set the nation’s economy on a firmer footing.equal: equal, even, level, sameAll staff should be treated on an equal footing for health and safety.formal or correct: formal, properOllie reasoned that this was just the time to put their relationship on a proper footing.permanent or continuing: permanent, sustainableCommunity banking is helping local traders to organise their finances and put their lives on a more sustainable footing.type of footing: commercial, financial, legal, scientific, statutory, warMinisters were reluctant to put the army on a war footing.
Verbs frequently used with footing
have a footing: be on, compete on, have, stand onI would be interested to know if it is illogical research or if it has a solid footing.

Usage note

Compete on is always used with one of the adjectives equal, same, even, or level: Women are encouraged to achieve and compete on an equal footing with men. |Companies can’t afford to compete on a level footing.

get or keep a footing: establish, find, gain, get, get back on, keep, obtain, regainThe tour enabled him to pay off his debts and regain his financial footing.give someone or something a footing: get something back on, give someone/something, place someone/something on, provide (someone/something with), put someone/something onHe believes that the sanctions against drugs in sport should be put on a legal footing.
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