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 UK /fɔː(r)m/

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a particular type of something, or a particular way something appears

Adjectives frequently used with form
common: common, popularThe most common form of heart disease is coronary heart disease.uncommon: rare, unusualChronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) is a rare form of cancer.basic: basic, canonical, simple, standardIn its most basic form, the dance is done with a simple wooden pole with ribbons attached.different: alternative, different, modified, variant, variousVarious forms of surgical treatment have been tried.not serious: mildShe suffered from a mild form of anaemia.severe: extreme, severeThe regime permitted physical abuse, detention, and other extreme forms of punishment.old: original, traditionalTraditional forms of worship are failing to meet the needs of our new, presentNew forms of competition are likely to result from technological change.
Verbs frequently used with form
assume, have, takeDomestic abuse takes many forms.

an official document with spaces for information

Adjectives frequently used with form
for a particular purpose: application, booking, claim, consent, enquiry, enrolment, entry, evaluation, feedback, membership, nomination, order, registration, requestEnclosed is a booking form which should be returned by 31 August.electronic or paper: downloadable, electronic, online, printable, printedSimply fill in the online registration form.completed: completedCompleted response forms should be sent to the project administrator.
Verbs frequently used with form
complete a form: complete, fill in, fill out, signIf you would like one of our team to contact you, please complete the enquiry form.enclose a form: attach, encloseAn entry form for the competition is enclosed with this Newsletter.send back a form: return, send, submitYou can register your interest by completing and returning the form.

how well someone is performing

Adjectives frequently used with form
good: fine, good, great, rare, top, winningShe has been in fine form this season.Bill Murray is on top form throughout the film and extremely funny.bad: bad, poorUnited’s poor form continued as they were beaten 1–0 by Arsenal.
Verbs frequently used with form
stay in good form: find, maintain, regain, return toThe Tigers struggled to maintain their form, and they finished 14th in the Second Division.

Usage note

You can also say that someone has a return to form: The movie represents a welcome return to form for George Lucas.

not stay in good form: loseLeeds, who have not won in five games, appear to have lost form.

Usage note

You can also say that someone has a loss of form: His loss of form this season is very worrying.

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