formal collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfɔː(r)m(ə)l/

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Nouns frequently used with formal
procedure or action: agreement, approval, assessment, caution, complaint, consultation, investigation, method, notice, notification, procedure, recognition, specificationIf you wish to make a formal complaint, please put your concerns in writing to the Admissions education: education, examinations, qualifications, schooling, trainingWe will consider applicants without formal qualifications who can show they have ability and commitment.

traditional or conservative in style

Adverbs frequently used with formal
very: highly, veryAlthough the garden was nice, it was a bit sparse and very formal.rather: fairly, a little, quite, rather, relatively, somewhatPleated wool skirts can look rather formal.too: overly, tooMeetings between parents and teaching staff should not be overly formal.
Nouns frequently used with formal
dress: attire, dress, wearStaff sometimes dress in more formal business attire as appropriate.occasion: dinner, occasionYou can choose between a cafeteria meal and a more formal dinner by candlelight.arrangement of something: arrangement, garden, layoutIn the traditional, formal arrangement there is a top table where the bride and groom sit.
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