formula collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfɔː(r)mjələ/

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a plan or method for dealing with something

Adjectives frequently used with formula
successful: proven, successful, tried-and-tested, winningThere is no proven formula for motivating staff, but there are a number of methods which you might consider.We can help you come up with a winning business formula.usual or basic: basic, standardThere is no standard formula for designing such layouts.easy/not easy: complex, complicated, simpleThe market potential of an area is determined according to a simple formula.mysterious: magic, magical, secretThere are no magic formulas that will solve all our financial troubles.
Verbs frequently used with formula
find a formula: come up with, create, develop, devise, discover, find, hit on, perfectThey soon realized that they had hit on the perfect formula for ski holidays.use a formula: adopt, apply, follow, stick to, useThe speeches after dinner followed the usual conventional formula.
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