formulate collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfɔː(r)mjʊleɪt/

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to carefully develop or express a plan, idea, or statement

Adverbs frequently used with formulate
carefully: carefully, clearly, correctly, precisely, properlyThey will have to carefully formulate their strategy to ensure that their constituents’ needs are addressed.

Usage note

Formulate is usually passive in these combinations: These ideals must be clearly formulated and put across carefully.

recently/at first: initially, newly, originallyThe idea was originally formulated by mathematician A.W.Tucker.

Usage note

Formulate is usually passive in these combinations: Each policy which has been newly formulated has had appropriate consultation.

Nouns frequently used as the object of formulate
plan: plan, policy, proposal, recommendation, strategyThe government will need to formulate a plan to deal with this extra waste.theory or idea: argument, concept, doctrine, hypothesis, opinion, problem, proposition, theoryCare and thought must be exercised in formulating the problem.Isaac Newton formulated the theory of universal gravitation.question or statement: idea, query, question, reply, response, statementIt will help you formulate questions you want the lecturer to answer.rule or guidelines: criteria, guidelines, law, model, principle, ruleOne doesn’t make wars less likely to happen by formulating rules of warfare.
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