forum collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfɔːrəm/

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an event, website, newspaper etc where people have the opportunity to discuss something

Adjectives frequently used with forum
electronic: electronic, interactive, online, web-basedWe have set up an online forum where children from participating schools can share their to everyone: open, publicThis public forum is designed to provide a platform for you to ask questions.appropriate for something: appropriate, idealThis hearing is not an appropriate forum for the discussion of detailed technical issues.involving a particular geographical area: international, local, national, regionalWe propose to create a new international forum addressing internet governance issues.with a particular purpose: consultative, debating, discussionNew consultative forums will be established so we can find out what staff think of changes.
Verbs frequently used with forum
provide a forum: create, establish, launch, organize, provideWe hope to provide a forum for discussions of methods and in charge of a forum: chair, host, moderateAfter the keynote speech there will be an open forum chaired by the Vice Chancellor.take part in a forum: access, attend, browse, join, visitYou will have to register to join the forum.
Nouns frequently used after forum for
communication, consultation, debate, dialogue, discussion, dissemination, exchange, sharingThis is a forum for the exchange of news and views about Medieval and Baroque music.
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