foster collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfɒstə(r)/

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to encourage something to develop

Adverbs frequently used with foster
deliberately: actively, carefully, deliberatelyCommunity organisations can actively foster good neighbourly behaviour.successfully: effectively, successfullyWe believe that many essential life skills are effectively fostered through sport.
Nouns frequently used as the object of foster
relationship or links: collaboration, cooperation, dialogue, friendship, interaction, links, partnership, relations, relationshipThe new programme will foster collaboration between researchers.attitude or atmosphere: atmosphere, attitude, culture, environment, ethos, spiritWe have a reputation for fostering a culture of diversity.awareness: appreciation, awareness, sense, understandingOur volunteers fostered a sense of community among the participants.The aim of the tutorial is to foster an understanding of online publication.growth: development, growthWe must foster the growth of a new generation of architects.particular positive qualities: creativity, entrepreneurship, excellence, innovation, talent, teamworkWe aim to foster creativity and self-expression in young people.learning: learningThis is a highly structured programme designed to foster independent learning.illusion: illusionThese are stories that foster our illusions of immortality.
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