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an expression used in the West Midlands to say goodbye
Tararabit, see you next year!
Submitted from:
United Kingdom on 31/12/2020

fighting fit

extremely ​healthy
At 73, she’s still fighting fit, ​walking five ​miles a ​day.
Submitted by:
Taibouni mahmoud from Algeria on 08/03/2016

as fit as a butcher’s dog

extremely fit and healthy
He claimed to be as fit as a butcher’s dog.
Submitted from:
United Kingdom on 16/11/2020

fit to be tied

He was fit to be tied when I told him I had dented his car.
Submitted by:
Anna Tivtikian from Russian Federation on 30/12/2020


a peanut
Submitted by:
Anna Tivtikian from Russian Federation on 30/12/2020


a curse
The witch uttered maledictions against the villagers who were trying to capture her.
Submitted by:
Klinsman Hinjaya from Indonesia on 28/12/2020


a child aged between seven and eleven in junior school
The school comprises two buildings housing the infants and the juniors separately.
Submitted by:
Douglas Pecjak from United States on 28/12/2020


relating to androcentrism
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a person who supports meninism
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a fossorial animal is adapted for digging or burrowing
Oryctodromeus is the first known fossorial non-avian dinosaur, a burrow of which has been discovered in the USA, containing the remains of one adult and two juveniles.
Submitted by:
Klinsman Hinjaya from Indonesia on 27/12/2020

needs must

used to say that something is necessary even though it is undesirable, unpleasant, or unfavourable
I have never thought of selling my gold watch, but needs must. I have to pay off my debts.
Submitted by:
Mujahed Jadallah from Palestinian Territory, Occupied on 25/12/2020


plural nounbiology
tiny, colourful algae that form mutualistic relationships with corals
Submitted by:
Sharon Lin from United States on 24/12/2020


if something is undeliverable, it cannot be delivered
They should also start checking the amount of undeliverable mails a user sends and if it goes over a specified amount the account should be disabled.
Submitted by:
Caleb Judy from United States on 23/12/2020


a disease or characteristic can be described as transmissible if it can be passed from one person to another
The new variant of the disease is allegedly 70% more transmissible.
We have established protocols for preferred cleaning agents for different transmissible organisms.
Submitted by:
Ali from Pakistan on 22/12/2020


a short poem originally from France that consists of a rhyming quintet, quatrain, and sestet
The rondeau first emerged in France during the 13th Century.
Submitted by:
Amarantha from India on 21/12/2020


asshole: used when you want to avoid saying the word directly because it is offensive
Submitted by:
Caleb Judy from United States on 20/12/2020

medium- rare

medium-rare meat is cooked so that the outside is browned and the inside is still slightly red
I’d like my steak medium- rare, please.
My dad usually orders a medium- rare rib eye with ricotta potatoes.
Submitted by:
Iriz Clyde Pultz from Philippines on 20/12/2020


to separate something into parts
If we disaggregate the data a bit, we see even more alarming realities for those who fail to graduate from high school or complete postsecondary education and for members of minority communities.
Submitted by:
Will C.C. Leung from Hong Kong on 20/12/2020

travel window

a period during which people are allowed to travel
All students should be able to return home during the student travel window between 3 and 9 December, if they choose to do so.
Trains will not be overcrowded during Christmas travel window, government says.
Submitted from:
United Kingdom on 17/12/2020

Essex girl

a woman who comes from Essex
I currently live in Hertfordshire but grew up as an Essex girl!
Essex girl Milly is on a mission to prove that originality is thriving.
a stereotype dating from the 1980s of a woman who comes from Essex and is vulgar, not well educated and enjoys sex
I wonder why the villain in this resolutely black-and-white universe has to be an archetypal Essex girl? Aren’t they demonised enough?
a collection of Essex Girl jokes
Submitted from:
United Kingdom on 17/12/2020

under the pump

very busy or under a lot of pressure
I really do not have time right now. Can’t you see I am under the pump?
The Bushies were under the pump for a while, but they finished strong to beat Gladstone, 54-51.
Submitted by:
Clarky from Australia on 17/12/2020

one for the books

something that is very remarkable, unusual or unexpected
As weddings go, theirs was one for the books.
Submitted by:
Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 04/05/2014

hit the books

to study very hard
I can’t watch a film with you tonight. I have to hit the books because I have an exam tomorrow.
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crack a book

to open a book; originated from the cracking sound that the spine of a good quality book makes when open for the first time
Submitted by:
Christian Counterman from United States on 12/10/2018
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